Mike Was About To See Nightlife In A Different Way

Mike was a very shy business man who really didn’t have much fun. On business trips he always kept to himself and instead of going out at night, he always turned in early. Nightlife wasn’t really his thing but on a trip to London all that would soon change.
After arriving at the London airport, a good friend picked Mike up and they headed to a hotel. Mike was in town for a convention, that was going to be held at 3 PM the following day. Mike’s friend Steve knew what Mike was like and wanted his old friend to finally have some fun for a change. Steve had something special planned for later, that was going to totally change how Mike viewed the nightlight.

When the clock struck 6 PM Steve received a call. After talking to the person for a short period of time Steve looked and Mike and told him it was time to go. Mike looked curiously at Steve and asked what was going on. Steve informed Mike that they were both going out to dinner and quickly helped Mike pick out a nice jacket to wear.
Mike was a bit apprehensive at first but since Steve was such a lifelong friend, he decided to go with him. When they arrived at the restaurant two very beautiful women were at the bar waiting for the men. Steve introduced everyone, and they got a table. The group really hit it off and soon the dinner was over with. But the night certainly wasn’t!
The group went out to a posh London nightclub and everyone including Mike had fun! After the club the all got in a cab and went back to Mike’s hotel room, for some after hours fun. It was there that mike found out that these where London escorts, but he surprisingly didn’t have an issue with it and truly had one of the best times of his entire life!

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