I Met My Husband When Working As an Escort

Now it’s six months since our lovely and beautiful wedding. However, before my husband and I met, I had a provocative history in which I worked as an escort in London. I joined the escort agency Cleopatra Escorts after the company that I worked as an ICT specialist folded. I tried looking for a job to help me take care of my bills and got a part-time hassle as a waiter in a glamorous bar in London for extra cash.

There were ladies always picking up guys at the bar. When the club manager told me they were escorts earning up to $500, I couldn’t resist pocketing the huge amount of money. As a twenty-four-year-old brunette, I am beautiful with a curvy body, and I knew I was as attractive as the girls. All the clients looked completely ordinary, and I decided to try being an escort once and see.

I joined the London escorts agency who gave me the name ‘Nicole.’ When I met my first client in Kensington, I was petrified, but the Spanish guy turned to be an ordinary mid-forties bloke. He just wanted explicit sex with nothing kinky. I was completely thrilled when he handed me an envelope full of money. Since then, I have slept with more than a hundred men. Some clients want you to act like a girlfriend for hire, take you to restaurants, business trips, and hotel dates, while others are more private and only want to satisfy their sexual fetishes.

While escort services require enforcing strict professionalism and boundaries, there is a probability of getting emotional and establishing a personal connection. Let me preface this by saying it is tough when it comes to dating as an escort. It was puzzling for me since I knew I need to uphold emotional limits with my clients. It is not difficult to play a fun and loving girlfriend, but I cannot control the client I develop a crush on. I joined escorting for money, which I earned in plenty and started living a lavish life, but I often felt lonely back in my house.

As a London escort, I sometimes met some clients that made me think about the likelihoods beyond the common escort-customer connection. Unfortunately, dating a client is a tough choice. I wondered whether I could trust a man who goes for escort services. Would he stop seeing escorts if we get together? What if we break up and the client blackmail me by threatening to reveal my real identity to everyone?

But in less than two years as an escort, I met a client who I could not resist the mad love I felt for him. At first, I panicked and wondered why we had to meet as an escort and client rather than in a café, movie, or bookstore, but then again, would we have crossed paths if I was not an escort? He was an Italian businessman in his early thirties, well built, and who we shared one common thing; we were electric when we were together. The sex was steamy and I felt completely connected to him emotionally.

Meeting him was like reunifying with a forgotten colleague. We moved from one club and restaurant to another in Chelsea, Bayswater, and Knightsbridge, holding multiple dates every week. We had shared interests and talked and laughed about normal stuff.

For the first time, I felt like I shared an emotional connection beyond the normal client-escort relationship. We shared normal shit, which to me, felt like the best feeling I ever wanted. We talked about our plans and our fears, including nonsense things like how I am frightened of black cats. Being in the intimacy business, the lines between business and affection begins to blur when you find the right person. In about two months of booking me, he confessed his deep feelings and requested me to quit the agency.

I could not resist my feelings for him. I started realizing my desire for some normalcy. I would want to have a love life and interactions when I am not in Nicole mode. He is everything I ever wished for, and I could afford to lose the chance of having him in my life. He wanted me all by himself, so I quit my job as an escort and accepted his marriage proposal. It’s now six months since our marriage, and he treats me like a princess the same way he did since meeting me as an escort.